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"I was impressed by the strength and richness he played with, he is a great artist who knows how to play with the colors of sound with great mastery." (Amalia Ramirez, Guitarras Jose Ramirez, 2013) "an exceedingly gifted, sensitive and intelligent musician, artist and ... an extremely talented and promising scholar who has been conducting valuable research in all the disciplines of his specialisations. This very talented young man has undoubtedly a promising future in his field and deserves as much support as possible from wherever he can receive it." (G. F. Messner, PhD and Lecturer in Musicology [University of Vienna], 2011) "a conscious artist, with a total understanding of the ten-string guitar as envisioned by Narciso Yepes." (Fritz Buss, alumnus and teaching assistant of Narciso Yepes, 2007) "a water colour-like transparent palette...His dedication to the 10-string guitar runs parallel to the great Narciso Yepes." (Charl Lamprecht, guitar lecturer, University of Pretoria, 2013) "He has a great technique and full command of the ten-string guitar. Still, he does not fall into the trap of using music to serve technique, but uses technique to serve music." (Fritz Buss, 2012) "I am convinced that Mr Van Niekerk will...make a strong contribution not only to the academic community but also to broader society". (Prof. Mike Marais, literary theorist, 2005) "Viktor van Niekerk demonstrated an orchestral array of sounds on the formidable 10 string guitar; playing many of his own transcriptions for the instrument" (What's On in Cape Town, 5 May 2013). "When his fingers glide across the ten strings, it is with the same finesse and flair as an Olympic athlete in action." (Rapport, [South African Sunday paper] 5 Sep. 2008, p. 3.) "[The] recital in Pretoria was amazing! It was a divine experience and it felt as if you transported my spirit to heaven through your music!" (Tronel Hellberg, guitarist, 2008)

Giftedness: Out of Sync with the Majority

“Each person comes into this world with his or her own agenda, their own ‘mission’. It may be very different from what the society would like them to produce. That doesn’t mean they have failed to live up to their potential. It means that they’ve chosen their own, unique path, which they have the right to do.”

“Giftedness: creates qualitatively different life experiences; means having significantly different needs; is the experience of being an outsider; [and] requires early recognition and accommodations.”

“When we look at the gifted from a global perspective, it is clear that the development of each person’s gifts benefits all of society. Every human being has a unique contribution to make to the whole. It makes no sense to take those…who have come here with a different ‘mission’ and to press them down because we all lose when any individual who has something special to offer isn’t allowed to be themselves and to develop what they’ve come here to develop.” (Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.)

Here is a beautiful, inspiring, and accurate talk about the nature of giftedness: