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New 10-String Guitars by Hans van den Berg

Master luthier Hans van den Berg recently completed two more ten-string guitars for students of Fritz Buss. (Photos below.)

Said one of the proud new owners: “I never expected such a result. What a fine, sensitive humble, respectful human being. I am completely honoured to own and play a guitar he has constructed.”

All we have to add is that these are world-class instruments that are inspiring to play. Hans van den Berg’s consummate professionalism, his desire always to keep refining his craft, the fact that he cares about his customers and the meaningful position that a musical instrument could occupy in a person’s life: all these are quite extraordinary qualities, as are those of his beautiful guitars.

We have no reservations about recommending Hans van den Berg’s masterful ten-string guitars. (Viktor van Niekerk, Fritz Buss)

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The people at Guitar Salon International have also described Berg’s six-string guitars as having “a very silky, textured and rich quality of sound, while at the same time [being] clear in every register. … Overall a very impressive and unique instrument by all standards.” (http://www.guitarsalon.com/store/p4780-hans-van-den-berg.html)

For a GSI article about Hans, see: http://www.guitarsalon.com/blog/?p=8932

For an earlier review of Berg’s first ten-string guitar, see: http://blog.tenstringguitar.info/archives/32

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For orders, please contact Hans at bergguitars@gmail.com

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Photos of Tsivia’s Guitar:








Photos of Carlo’s Guitar: